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2014 Airush Demo day.

Szczecin,Wolin, Świnoujscie,Miedzyzdroje, Miedwie Lake Giżyn,Wierzbno and Rugen...Hosted by Airush and Constantly Kiting!


 Airush Varial X 2014 

For riders who are looking for an extra kick in their riding, the ALL-NEW Varial X takes the lead as the highest performing all-around kite in the Airush range. A fully redesigned 3 strut SL-C, the Varial X combines the low-end power and stability of the Wave, with the premium performance of the Razor Team, to give you the best combination of free-ride, wave riding, and wake-style in a 4 line set up.
The flatter wing tips on the Varial X take the inspiration of the Razor Team and Wave allowing for more of a C-kite feel, response and direct steering that these riders have grown to love.
Moderate bar pressure on the new Varial X makes it extremely easy for riders to feel the kite at every turn.  Taking inspiration from the Razor Team, the Varial X has a fine foil, which means that upwind ability and popping are just as good. This is optimal for an everyday, freestyle enthusiast looking for a wake-style preforming kite in a 4 line, bridled design
The Varial X works best with the Smartbar 5 or Analog Bar.




Another great review - this time Laluz 2014 by IKSURFMAG



We won't tell you where to ride because you may live as far as Alaska or
New Zealand. We won't tell you how to ride because you may be a 
new-school freak or a fan of wavy downwinders. We won't
tell you when to ride because you may enjoy freez-
ing water as much as boiling soups. We 
won't tell you what to ride because
we want you to believe
100% in what you
idea behind
Xenon has been to
create an alternative to the
mainstream that would, at the same
time, satisfy only the most demanding and
fastidious minds. We provide you with boards that
stand out as far as design, quality, comfort and innovation
goes. If you know what you're looking for, go and experience Xenon.




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2013/2014 Mystic Winter Collection on stock !!!






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